About US

Our Values


The environment has always been close to our hearts, as strong advocates of environmental awareness our founders have kept it as a core value for the company. Sustainability, circularity and waste management are all pertinent aspects of analysis and improvement in keeping our brewery eco-friendly.


We are fiercely proud to call ourselves a Glasgow brewery and to be in the fold of renowned Scottish Microbreweries. We uphold the strong reputation of Glaswegian hospitality and character in the manner in which we conduct our business.


We produce beer of the finest quality and hold this as an imperative attribute to all the beer we produce. We have numerous procedures and fail-safes in place and choose our partners carefully to ensure this is the case.


As a family business, we hold honesty and dependability at the core of our ethos.

Our Story

From humble beginnings, Jaw Brew began with a man in a garage, brewing out of passion. A hard working man, he had a wife and three children and had settled down in a house just outside of Milngavie. His passion for beer spanned his lifetime and for 20 years he had experimented with his own recipes and concoctions in his rarely found down time. Constantly working long hours in various locations as far away as London, America and Germany, he was offered a way out from the grind he had become accustomed to over 20 years of work… and he took it.

A plan was hatched after keen discussion between the family. A brewery? Yes a brewery. What a fantastic idea! For his sons, three young men by this point, it was a no brainer. His wife took a bit more persuading, but was also convinced, as were we all that the beer was to a standard befitting commercial trade.

Being the first independent brewery to arise in Glasgow for decades, we felt there was ample opportunity for our styles of beer. By 2014 the craft beer sector was already blossoming fervently, however the majority of independent microbreweries were based around Fife or Edinburgh. We felt certain there was a market for our beer in Glasgow and further afield, brewed using traditional methods with a modern twist on each style. Drop and Drift were our first beers launched, followed by Fathom, then Wave, Spinnaker and Surf. Each beer was well received and through trial and error we were able to discern how best to serve each one and get them from our tanks into the hands of the avid beer enthusiast.

Behind the Brand

The name ‘Jaw Brew; was inspired by the family home - The Jaw - which sits upon the shores of Bardowie Loch. Upon researching the origins of the name, it was discovered that ‘jaw’ in auld Scots meant ‘a wave or rush of water’ or ‘to pour’. Further to this, there is reference in a poem from 1706 reading ‘wha’ll jaw ale on my drouthy tongue’ sealing the deal in using this name.

The logo is composed of a wave within a whale’s jawbone arch such as the one at Bragar on the Isle of Lewis – the home town of some of the family.