About US

A Family Business

We are an independent and family-run craft micro-brewery from Glasgow committed to bringing you the absolute pinnacle of top quality beer. We strive to diversify Scotland’s beer offerings as an alternative to the proliferation of mass-produced blandness. We use premium ingredients to create exceptional brews to excite and satisfy your taste buds, refresh your palate and leave you craving more.

Being the first independent brewery in Glasgow for many years, we knew there was a market for the beer that we had been brewing and serving to friends and family for decades. Drop and Drift were launched in June 2014.

The name ‘Jaw Brew; was inspired by the family home on the shores of Bardowie Loch – ‘The Jaw’. Upon researching the origins of the name, it was discovered that ‘jaw’ in auld Scots meant ‘a wave or rush of water’ or ‘to pour’. Further to this, there is reference in a poem from 1706 reading ‘wha’ll jaw ale on my drouthy tongue’ sealing the deal in using this name.

The logo is composed of a wave within a whale’s jawbone arch such as the one at Bragar on the Isle of Lewis – the home town of some of the family.