Environmental Policy

Jaw Brew is committed to producing outstanding beer and leading the way in the brewing industry. The company focusses on using the finest ingredients; soft Scottish water, malts from the best millers in the country, premium hops from around the world and the yeast strains which work best for our beer.

We view all of our processes from the viewpoint of the environment and seek to:-

  • Ensure, as a minimum, compliance with environmental statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure all new products are designed and developed so as to minimise their negative impact on the environment
  • Ensure all pollutants (waste, effluents and emissions) are minimised or eliminated where possible
  • Ensure raw materials, water and energy are used as efficiently as possible where practicable
  • To ensure that our environmental performance is regularly reviewed
  • Ensure any negative impact of the companies’ distribution and staff transport is reduced where practicable
  • Ensure all employees understand the Company Environmental Policy and goals and receive appropriate training in its’ effective implementation
  • Ensure the company uses only environmentally responsible Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
  • Ensure the companies environmental objectives and progress towards achieving these objectives will be will be regularly published and made available where practical to the public at large

Mark Hazell (Director)

A copy of is available to all interested parties upon request