Jaw Brew is an independent craft micro-brewery in Glasgow;

THE Glaswegian real ale.

At Jaw Brew we are committed to bringing you top quality craft beers and real ales using soft Scottish water married with premium malt, hops and yeast. We strive to widen and diversify craft beer offerings as an upgrade to the proliferation of mass produced blandness.

All of our beers are Vegan friendly so you have no excuse not to give them a try!


We are a small, independent family run craft micro-brewery and therefore we have free scope to create speciality beers alongside our core range of hand crafted deliciousness.

We are always taking bars at festivals and markets so keep updated with our Events tab to see when to visit us. We can also supply bars, beers and banter for events so get in touch and we can work together with you!



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Our Beers

  • Fathom - 4.0 abv - Dense dark ale with a rich and satisfying flavour.
  • Drop Ale - 4.2 abv. Easy drinking pale ale.
  • Drift Ale - 4.6 abv - Light golden ale.
  • Glide - Enjoyable smooth beer from JawBrew
    Glide - 4.6 abv - Biscuity sweetness and gentle hops.
  • Reef - Zesty light beer from JawBrew
    Reef - 4.2 abv - Beer with a piquant bite.
  • Surf - 4.3 abv - Delightfully crisp and refreshing summer beer.
  • Wave - 4.7 abv - Smooth, crisp and creamy wheat beer.
  • Hardtack - 2.2% - Delightfully substantial beer from bread.

The Brewery


The setup is a 5 barrel brewery (brewer’s barrels being industry standard 36 gallon measures) consisting of a cold liquor tank (in the cold room, of course), an insulated hot liquor tank, a mash tun and a kettle. The pipework runs between these vessels through the necessary strainers and then there is a heat exchanger to link to any of the temperature controlled fermenting vessels and there are also conditioning tanks situated in the cold room.


We recently took the decision to outsource our bottling and canning as we were struggling for space and time to bottle our own beer. The exception is our authentic Weissbier, Wave – to filter this beer would be to ruin it, so we continue to bottle this by hand at the brewery.

The process is multi-stage and therefore labour intensive. The bottles are first sterile rinsed and then filled with beer that has been cooled in a conditioning tank using a six head manual filler. From there they move on to a pneumatic capper to ensure every bottle is firmly sealed and once they are free from condensation they are labelled and packed.


At Jaw Brew the environment is very close to our hearts and minds, and at times like these we feel it’s more important than ever to find new, manageable ways of cutting down our carbon footprint and making our business as efficient and friendly to the world as it can be. To this end we have embarked on a number of projects and implemented procedures which help us towards this goal;

The spent grain from brewing goes to local farms to feed livestock, to feed our two pigs which we keep at The Jaw.

The hop residue is used by ourselves in our garden, and donated to neighbours and a local gardening club for use as mulch.

The hot water resulting from the heat exchanger output from cooling the wort after the boil is stored in the hot liquor tank ready for the next brew.

Our Story

After several decades of homebrewing beer, with occasional ventures into making wine (from ingredients gathered from gardens and hedgerows), it was possibly an obvious choice to jump on the craft beer/real ale bandwagon when I was offered voluntary redundancy, but for me it was and still is very much a leap of faith.

Looking for a new career that did not involve travelling long distances every week and being away from home more often than not, there was much to recommend a venture into the brewing industry. Research showed that while Edinburgh had a couple of dozen small local breweries, there were precious few around Glasgow.

Having had many friends praise the quality of my homebrewed beer, saying they would happily pay for a pint if it was being served in a pub, I started refining two of my favourite recipes in anticipation of ‘going commercial’. These received good reviews in focus groups and tasting sessions and were eventually chosen as launch candidates, Drop & Drift.

We chose the name Jaw Brew because ‘The Jaw’ is the name of the cottage where we live – a miller’s cottage built as far as we know in the early 1700s. The origins of the name are lost in the mists of time, but while researching we discovered that the word ‘Jaw’ in ancient Scots means ‘a wave or rush of water’ or else ‘to pour’. We found a reference to this in ‘The Poems of the Sempills of Beltrees’, circa 1706, which reads “Wha’ll jaw ale on my drouthy tongue?” – and that pretty well sealed the name for us.

Our logo is composed of a wave – one meaning of Jaw – within a representation of a whale’s jawbone arch, like the one that can be seen at Bragar on the Isle of Lewis.

Mark and Alison met in London but their roots are firmly planted in Scotland. Mark was born in Lerwick and Alison’s parents both hail from Glasgow although Alison’s Mum’s parents moved to Glasgow from the Isle of Mull. Mark’s Mum is from Stornoway. They moved here in 1998 from Munich to bring up their children in the beautiful loch-side setting of The Jaw which is situated on Bardowie Loch.

This is the setting for Mark and Alison’s latest venture – Hazell & Hazell Bardowie Gin – www.hazellandhazell.com a wonderful London Dry style Scottish Craft gin

All our design work is produced by Mark’s brother, Guy Hazell, a Graphic Designer based in Rome, Italy. Thanks Guy for all your work.

Meet our team

Mark, Founder, Owner, Head Brewer


Founder, Owner, Head Brewer

Alison, Founder, owner, operations/finance


Founder, owner, operations/finance

Alick, Brewer



Stewart, General Brewery Tasks


General Brewery Tasks


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The Jaw Brewery Limited

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