Hardtack launches – Blonde Beer made from Bread

The first ever Scottish beer to be made from leftover bread has been created using unsold morning rolls in a bid to reduce food waste in Glasgow.

Hardtack, the blonde beer which launches today, is made by Jaw Brew in partnership with Aulds using surplus rolls that are baked fresh each morning,

The collaboration was set up by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland as part of an effort to create a ‘circular economy’ for the city.

A circular economy is one in which every product is created with the intent of ‘zero waste’, ensuring all raw materials can be recycled or upgraded to extract every possible usable element. Products would have a stronger and fuller life-cycle, contributing to more interaction between businesses and allowing for a financial uplift along with a positive change in the city’s environmental impact.

Aulds supplies its bread on a sale or return basis meaning there is often a large surplus of bread at the end of each day, with the majority of this going to foodbanks, the remainder is given to Jaw Brew to ensure any waste is recycled.

The Local independent micro-brewery found that the bread could be mashed without adding fermentable sugars, creating a low-alcohol beer at 2.2%, with a flavour and texture reflecting the low percentage.

Mark Hazell, owner of Jaw Brew, said “We were delighted to partner with Aulds to produce a sensational beer which is also helpful to the environment and fits well with Jaw Brew’s ethos.

“We have had a lot of interest from specialist beer shops, as well as local golf and rugby clubs that are keen to offer a low alcohol alternative to the current on-sale market.”

The project was recognised as part of “The City Circle Scan of Glasgow”, after being shortlisted for the AB InBev Award for Circular Economy Governments, Cities and Regions at this year’s Circulars, in which the Scottish Government was awarded for its “Making Things Last” strategy.

The scan, which is pioneered and led by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland, Circle Economy and Glasgow City Council, examines any potential areas to make the largest economic sectors within the city more circular, in the hope this would result in zero waste and a rise in value for Glasgow’s business community.

you can buy cans of Hardtack from our shop at the Brewery in Hillington, or our web shop here